José's Adventure

We are so excited to be able to partner with the American Alpine Institute to provide one student the opportunity of a lifetime with our annual Liz Rocks Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship!

José’s excitement during the our selection interview really showed. He excelled during the trip with a successful summit of Mt. Baker at 10,781′ and the guides reported he was an absolute pleasure to have on the mountain.


From José:


What I most enjoy about the trip was the connection I had with the staff and other teens when we camped together. At first I didn’t know how I felt being around strangers but when I got a chance to talk to them and actually got to know them it went all well. Another thing I enjoyed during the trip was learning how to crevasse rescue and safety when rock climbing. What surprised me the most was how open I was during the trip because I don’t like talking much to strangers but when I gave it chance it went so well and I got to know everyone. This experience impacted me so much because I rarely get the chance to go on trips like these due to me being busy and getting the chance to go to something like this meant so much to me. In the near future I will be climbing more mountains with friends. My favorite piece that I got from Patagonia will most definitely have to be the puffy jacket! I still use it for school and any other place that I go to. My favorite piece that I got from Petzel will definitely have to be the harness, without it I don’t think I would be able to go on the trip. 



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