Full Circle

The Liz Rocks Campaign has been so blessed with tremendous support from he outdoor community.  Many of our corporate donors had a close relationship with Liz.  At our first Auction event in 2015 the American Alpine Institute donated a few amazing courses for the cause.  We were stoked when our close friend Erin won the Ave 1 course.  We recently followed up with her about her experience!  

Her Story

So I did my Avalanche 1 with American Alpine Institute in Bellingham last February 2016. It was such a great experience! I got more into backcountry skiing and touring in 2011 but didn't know much about avalanche safety, snow science, or group decision making. I always relied on someone else more experienced to lead the way. Liz encouraged me that I should to do my Avy 1 and do it through AAI in Bellingham. A couple seasons went by and I never got around to it. After Liz passed away I, I thought "If I am going to be in the backcountry and taking these risks I definitely need some education.".

When I saw it was an item to bid on at The Liz Rocks Your Socks Off Action I knew there couldn't be a better time or reason to do it.

I did the course with my friend Brie and we had such a blast! The guide who taught the course, Tom Curtis turned out to be a friend of Liz's and had actually certified her as a guide. We shared some memories of her and it just seemed like the whole thing came full circle. I am so happy I did it!! 

- Erin

Erin also won a spot on the private Liz Rocks Baker Skills and Climb donated by AAI to summit Mt. Baker at this years 2016 Liz Rocks Your Socks Off event.  She will be joining two Liz Rocks Committee members along with two others who also won slots. All the slots were filled with first time climbers so this will be an incredible opportunity for them to get exposure to alpine basics.

 We can't thank the AAI enough for their continuous support of Liz Rocks and also for honoring Liz with their Guide Like Liz Scholarship ! They are now accepting applications for 2017.  

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