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The Liz Rocks Foundation

Same people with a new mission

After reaching our fundraising goal of $150,000 with the Liz Rocks Campaign we have decided to turn our focus to providing opportunities for under represented youth to get outdoors with a focus on rock climbing and mountaineering.  While we are waiting for the Greater Metro Parks Foundation to start construction of the wall we will be fundraising to provide scholarships and other opportunities for underrepresented youth to get outdoors and reach new peaks.

In loving memory of


Liz Daley




5.10.1985 - 9.29.2014


 This site is dedicated to providing opportunities for people to get outdoors and reach new peaks in honor of mountaineer and Tacoma local Liz Daley who was tragically lost in a snowboarding accident while living her dream.


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Find out about our progress with the Liz Rocks Campaigns climbing wall!

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